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“What’s so special about astronomy?” As naive as that question may sound, it’s something I get asked a lot by those who have just the faintest idea about astronomy. Truth be told, I’ve been interested in everything related to Space for as long as I can remember. Just the act of getting the telescope out and gazing at the stars is something I enjoy time and again.

To me, there’s nothing quite relaxing than chasing the galaxies and admiring the stars. And when I lay my eyes on the beautiful Saturn, it feels as if I could die at the moment and not have a single regret. There’s always something new to see when you look up at the clear night sky – be it an asteroid, a comet, or a passing spacecraft.

Space is a busy place, and I guarantee you’ll find something new every time you look. Think about it; you’re getting countless hours of fun and fulfillment with nothing but a simple telescope. I got my first telescope as a gift from my father and since then, my fascination about the planets and stars have only grown exponentially.

And I believe that you’ll experience the same, even if you have just a tiny bit of interest in astronomy. This blog of mine is dedicated to all you curious minds out there who wish to explore the grandiose of space and understand what the universe is genuinely like. Believe me; one look at the sky on a pitch black night is enough to let anyone’s imagination run wild.

To me, astronomy is not just a hobby. It is something I live for every moment. I’ve had many amazing experiences with my fellow stargazers, and I will bare it all for you to read on my blog. So, put your thinking cap on and grab a telescope, because we are going on a journey that you’ll remember and cherish for a lifetime.

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